Success Stories

Nusrath banishes back pain with Pilates

As I was touching 40, I was beginning to experience multiple health problems. Instead of welcoming the world of aches and pains I turned to Pilates for help.

Having learnt the extremely intricate basic exercises with my first Pilates instructor Pooja I paused to get a feel of this whole new world I had just begun to experience.

Ever since then there has been no stopping. I have found myself attending classes very regularly. There is absolutely no chance for boredom. As a trainer Pooja has given me more than the best.

With her meticulous approach she has helped me master every form to ultimate precision.

Pilates has brought about a total change in my posture to start with and to name a few other benefits I have overcome low back pain which I had lived with for years, I have stronger muscles for my cardio workout and a more toned body.

I would never settle for any other form of exercise.

Today I am a total Pilates addict.


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